Innovative Marketing dies a slow death

I reported on Sep 8, 2008 that the sites “” and “” were no longer resolving … I’ve been watching the other associated domains and they are now no longer reachable … it looks like the WinFixer Gang has decided to let their older domains die a slow death.

The list of sites is too long to post here and sadly they still have a major presence in many other areas. You can see the chart I put together a while back showing the Innovativemarketing/SetUPaHost connection and the associated IP blocks … the majority of these now no longer exist.

Other News: I was recently awarded Microsoft MVP (Consumer Security) for the 10th year in a row …

This also marks the 10th year I have been supplying a HOSTS file … my how time flies …

6 Responses to “Innovative Marketing dies a slow death”

  1. Congrats on the MVP award. It is most deserved. I’ve been using your hosts file on my home systems for a while as one layer of protection in a defense in depth strategy. And it has no doubt saved me from potential problems various times while browsing the net. Keep up the great and valuable work! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on being re-awarded!

  3. Thanx you perfect Docs

  4. Congratulations on your 10th consecutive MVP award. Always nice to be recognized. I’ve been using your HOSTS file for about three years and have no doubt it’s saved me more than once. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Ten years already? Wow. What you’ve done literally defines service to the community Mike. May you get many more.

  6. You are doing some brilliant work and millions of users appreciate it, the award is more than deserved, well done!