Google/DoubleClick shuts down Falk eSolutions

This was Doubleclick’s European (Germany) division which it purchased in early 2006. I could find no news on this … however no longer returns a valid DNS … [Whois info]

Other News: I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing other 3rd party advertisers failing due to the financial crisis? It sure looks like ValueClick is about to fail … I predicted this a while back …

“Since ValueClick is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: VCLK) perhaps someone should inform the stockholders of just how their money is generated. (hard-core adult sites – depicted images of underage boys) No doubt a FTC investigation would result in a drop in stock prices and the shareholders would want to know why …”

Well they were investigated by the FTC and found guilty … “ValueClick to Pay $2.9 Million to Settle FTC Charges” … since then their stock value has dropped to a today’s value of $7.05 … ouch!!


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