Is Security overwhelmed by Malware?

Lately it sure seems so … almost weekly we see reports of the amount of sites infected, or the amount of malware samples submitted that just boggles the mind. I know in my own little part of the world … the amount of malicious sites that come and go is stagering to say the least.

Even the big players seem to be overwhelmed … take Google for instance. They have been on the front lines of identifying malicious sites, and I applaud them for that … but as with most large companies, it seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing …

While looking for culprits I’ve found it easier to enter certain search terms into Google and then follow the results … but when Google’s own “Sponsored Links” lead to malicious sites and infections … it makes you want to screem!

 Image edited for display purposes.

Following the above highlighted link … which redirects to “main-porn-hub(dot)com” which is yet another “Fake.PornTube.Codec”

Clicking any of the above buttons leads to a malicious download from “codecdownload.main-downloadportal(dot)com
Both of these sites are hosted at Noc4hosts Inc – IP Location – Tampa Florida [ –]
… hey maybe the SunBelt guys should go pay them a visit … just kidding …

Anyway … in checking Google’s new “Safe Browsing Diagnostic page” I find that:
Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days” however in searching Google itself “main-porn-hub(dot)com” is not listed as a Harmful site … huh? Now if I follow one of the links from that page I find another Fake.PornTube.Codec site … that redirects back to “main-porn-hub(dot)com

 Image edited for display purposes.

If you want to check a site for yourself simply append it to the end of the following link:
For whatever reason Google never added a portal to check these sites …

Now it could be that Google never tied it’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic to the Google/Stopbadware effort … but if not why not? If you are going to do “Security” then be a leader … don’t put forth a half-a*sed effort … we already have too many of these already.

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  1. In the third paragraph, ‘scream’ is spelled wrong.