Archive for October 26, 2008

How is Google going to explain this?

I’ve been running a few sites thru Google’s Safebrowsing Diagnostic … oh look what I found … Seems their advertising branch DoubleClick may have been a little shady lately? Then I ran “” also and found similar results … ouch! ” What happened when Google visited this site? Of the 2922 pages we tested on the site over […]

Another bogus Adobe Flash codec

Landing on the following adult site … once a visitor clicks any of the links they are presented with the following bogus pop-up “Error #37” … I’ll say one thing they sure are inventive … Clicking on the embedded link above redirects to the below site … VirusTotal results here Both of these sites are […]

Another Exploit opens Windows Contacts

The other day I mentioned I found an exploit that tries to infect Windows and also attempts to open Windows Contacts (Address Book) … well it looks like I found another one … yikes! Same attempt but from a different source this time … I previously contacted Microsoft about this, however when they went to […]