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Enjoy the Holidays!

Google search results poisoned again

I started to notice a few rather odd results while researching another malware site … (highlighted in red) as you can see below this affects quite a few big names … so be careful of the links you click … In the Microsoft link above (as well as all the others) the link redirects to: […]

Google Diagnostic now reports on entire Networks

Recently the “Google SafeBrowser Diagnostic” has added a new feature where they not only report on malicious content on individual pages, it now reports on entire Networks (IP Blocks) … in the below example (HopOne) is a relatively small network, but the results are one of the reasons why there is so much malicious activity […]

I’m Back …

First let me say … Moving Sucks! … at least everything went well … Comcast (my ISP) had me back up and running the very next day! We are still unpacking and figuring out where to put everything … did I say Moving Sucks! … at least I’m all caught up with emails and the […]

Today is moving day

Folks I’ll be out of touch for a few days … we’re moving and hopefully everything goes smooth … Comcast (my ISP) says they can transfer my account since we are moving locally … we’ll see …