Sex , Lies , and Toolbars

This is a good one to start off the New Year … landing on the below site I was prompted with the following message … now being the skeptic I am … I figured this was a new tactic to get the visitor to install a Trojan.Codec type of file … much to my surprise I was fooled …

Once you “click here to download one” you are redirected quite a few times … this is hard to follow … but here goes:

hxxp:// ( = Digital River)

hxxp:// ( = NeverBlue Media)
( = Rated Red site via McAfee SiteAdvisor)

hxxp:// ( = NeverBlue Media) also set a 3rd party Cookie

hxxp:// (also set a 3rd party Cookie)


hxxp:// (sets 3rd party Cookie for
( = Digital River) … ever though you never visited directtrack … imagine that = cookie stuffing)


( = running on the Digital River server) owned by “Canadawebhosting”

Where you eventually end up here … (translated via Google)

So where is my Toolbar? … this looks like another scam to get your email address … but I filled it out (bogus info) and all this does is send you to yet another survey type site that wants even more personal info … “So where is my Toolbar?” … I never saw any mention of that … or why I had to divulge my personal info …

Remember Canadawebhosting … imagine that … looks like Digital River is up to something shady? The Internet is full of complaints about Digital River and their many questionable Affiliates …

# [Canadawebhosting][ –]

Now just to show you that this was not a one-time occurrence … this is a hard-core adult site, that clicking any image results in routing you thru the same mess as I described above …

Be careful out there Folks … looks like even the 3rd party affiliates want to get in one the amount of traffic generated thru adult sites … although in this case there actually is no “adult” … just Sex , Lies , and Toolbars …

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