MyWebSearch goes Hardcore Adult

Sometimes while researching you end in in some surprising places …

Clicking the above Google search link … look what we find!

 (Image edited)

MyWebSearch (MyFunCards) using the Microsoft format for an Information Bar prompt … can’t you people come up with anything better that copying someone else’s idea? … Anyway look at the type of content (adult video) that they are trying to attract new customers from …

Not only that … the prompt is a complete lie! …”The video will start after you download it …” simply clicking the embedded link in the video will allow the video to play without installing anything from MyWebSearch … if you do fall for this deceptive prompt you end up at their Toolbar install

redirects to:

 “Download the MyFunCards toolbar and you will be able to find and send a e-card for any holiday… Birthday’s, Christmas, Mother’s Day and much more. …” and apparently Adult Videos too! It really makes you wonder “what were they thinking” …

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