The MVPS HOSTS update Mailing List has been discontinued

Regretfully I can no longer accept any more subscribers to the MVPS HOSTS file update mailing list. The response has far exceeded my expectations and the list has out-grown the available software for providing a timely update.

I have been researching for a viable (freeware) solution … however there doesn’t seem to be any that meets my needs. As for those that have previously subscribed I will retain your email address for a short time in the event a solution is found … (which I doubt) then I will simply delete all the existing addresses.

I’d like to thank everyone that has participated in the Mailing list. I will continue to post the update notices on my site and also here on my blog.

9 Responses to “The MVPS HOSTS update Mailing List has been discontinued”

  1. maybe a subscription to might help with catching up with the updates?

  2. Ovidiu,
    That option requires the user to give their email address to a 3rd party … not many people are really willing to do that.

    You can always use the option on this blog to get notified when there is a new post.

  3. Quite understandable, especially given its popularity. I’ve found HostsMan to be a great way to keep the Hosts file automatically updated. Set it and forget it.

  4. Maik,
    The auto-update feature only exists in the beta version … generally I do not recommend users running beta versions, but thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I’m using v3.1.57 and it auto-updates the Hosts file. So far as I can see, this is not a beta release.

  6. Hello. I wanted to thank you so much for providing such a great tool/resource to help keep our computers protected from the bad guys. I’ll definitely add a reminder to my calendar to visit your site at least monthly to get the latest HOSTS updates. Great work!

  7. Maik,
    If you follow the download link from their page you end up here:
    HostsMan 3.2.70 Beta 6 / 3.1.57

  8. Why not use something simple like an RSS feed for announcing updates to the hosts file list? This requires minimal effort, does not require end-users giving any information to any parties either.. just a thought.

  9. Christer,
    Thanks for the suggestion … however not everyone uses “RSS” … but if needed they can be notified via this blog when there is a new post.