More fake PornTube sites

I see plenty of these fake PornTube sites everyday … however several sites are trying to trick visitors (nothing unusual) into thinking they need to update their (Adobe) Flash Player … by first displaying an image then it blurs out and the bogus message appears … same type as I spotted here 

The “Load Now” button redirects to “update-flash. com” and serves up “FlashPlayer.v9.014.exe” which my Antivirus (NOD32 v4) detects as “Win32/Kryptik.QY” or visiting a similar site (see below) you get just a blank area with a clickable link …

 (image edited for display)

Do you see the common denominator in all these type sites? … Look at the page title “PornTube: best movies collection.” Usually about once a week I use the page title as a search term and find about 10-20 new sites …

Google: 1 – 20 of about 6,080 for “PornTube: best movies collection.”.

Yahoo: 1 – 10 of 10,100 for “PornTube: best movies collection.”

Microsoft Live/Bing: 1-10 of 325 results – With “SafeSearch” turned off: 1-30 of 565 results

Yes Microsoft’s Live search in your (Internet Explorer 8) browser now redirects to their new search service Bing … as with Google and Yahoo (with Cookies enabled) you can define/tweak the results page as well as enable/disable SafeSearch which will filter adult images, text and videos … I would suggest users that share an account with underage children that you enable SafeSearch in all three search engines (or any others that you may use) …

What I noticed new in Bing – Video was the ability to play the video right from the results page without actually visiting the site … kids are not stupid … once they figure this out (with SafeSearch disabled) they can view most anything they want and leave no trace that they were there … (see example below)

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