Comodo continues to damage it’s reputation

Here again we find another bogus Antispyware program that does nothing but take your money … with a little help from Comodo

If the page looks familiar … it is … the same template as I previously reported … from the same people “ISystem Inc”

I pasted the Comodo certificate into the Fiddler output … seems Comodo still does not check out anyone prior to issuing a certificate … even if it comes from the same people it revoked previously … duh!

Comodo continues to issue certificates to known Malware
Anyway … I went back and checked the sites I last reported and it seems Comodo has decided to ignore my report …

rapid-antivir-2009. com
rapid-antivir2009. com
rapid-antivirus2009. com = all redirect to:
secure.xsoftstore. com

 [Google link here]

Even a simple Google search as I suggested previously would have revealed the connection to ISystem …

malwaresdestructor. com” is hosted at along with quite a few other related Fraudware programs

safe-pay-vault. com” is hosted at Netdirek – a known malware haven

# [Netdirekt][ –]

Surely you would think Comodo with all it’s resources can keep a lid on dealing with these malware frauds … especially when they have already dealt with the same culprits before … is anybody awake over there!! Trust is everything in the security business … seems Comodo can no longer be trusted, as these type reports keep surfacing … time after time …

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  1. That’s how I know Comodo (Malware pretending to be Securityware from the very beginning).

    Still most of the people are being tricked by their aggressive marketing ideas for spreading their euhm protecting software.

  2. I’ve always used Comodo on my computers. No more, thanks to you! I now use Online Armor, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for ferreting out these wolves in sheeps clothing.

  3. This is the same outfit that took BOClean off the market as a stand alone malware app. What a shame.

  4. You people need to realize ANYONE can ask for a certificate which does nothing more than say the website is a valid website. It does not say the website is a secure site, it does not say the website is not malicious in intent. That is not the purpose of the certificate issued. These certificates are issued by not only Comodo. Why are you solely focused on Comodo? Is it because they scare you the retail AV vendors with their products?
    Get a life and start dealing with real issues!

  5. @ John. The only people they are scaring are their (current\former\would-be) customers. The free vers. was one of many that I carried in my tool-kit to suggest to my Clients. It has since been removed from my kit as well as their name from my vocabulary. Unless of course I am specifically asked about their product(s). I relay the current state of affairs, stating the current information and providing links, to the Comodo forum as well. The Client then has all options available. I know of none that have gone with Comodo and several that even tore up their paid for vers. lic. and went to other software.

  6. Hahaha,

    The first Melih puppet has arrived 🙂

  7. Why don’t you publish posts that disagree with you?

  8. Donna

    You don’t understand nothing about Domain Validation and how it works.

    Feel free to join us here, and more info is here from the CEO him self:

    Posting missleading comments won’t do any favours by the way, And your ignorance shows even more.


  9. Yeah !

    Comodo, we create trust !

  10. For some reason, people think there must be some other motive when companies produce free products.

    Why is Comodo selling these certs to malicious sites? These certs ARE NOT saying that the site’s products are safe. It is just securing the transactions to and from the site.

    I have found all of Comodo’s products and services trustworthy. People just see something fishy when someone gives good programs out.

    BTW, Comodo revoked the cert within minutes of hearing about it.

  11. A security company needs to have higher standards for certs, and as Donnas says, the other companies have better plans in place.

  12. I would like to personally thank Donna and the others at this site for continually providing us with the best examples of misinformation and propaganda since Nazi Germany and the Cold War after that.

  13. Matt.

    The issue is simple: There is NO standard for Certificates, (Domain Validation) – The yellow padlock you see on a site, Certification Authorities are all doing, Comodo tried to address this but GoDaddy/Versign didn’t want to get rid of DV. As long as you got $$ for DV, No validation, Come and get it! This is why Comodo reccomends EV (Extended Validation) so you see a GREEN bar and YOU CAN validate who your encrypting for!

    Comodo also set up this – Where again, Trying to create standards:

    Pls use that, and the contact site, of ANY malicious site using DV, So the relevant companies can act on it.


  14. @3xist and the other Comodo supporters,

    Two issues here, firstly, this is NOT DONNA’S BLOG!!!!!!

    Secondly, Comodo have a CHOICE as to whether or not they offer DV certs, if you don’t like them/don’t recommend them, STOP OFFERING THEM! – and no “everyone else is doing it” is NOT a defense.

    Third and final, you CAN verify the websites associated with the certs you offer, DV or otherwise. The person signing up for a cert evidently has to tell you the site they are using it for – this instantly allows you to verify it’s validity.

  15. After reading your last blog regarding comodo I did some checking on their Chief Exec’s claims. It seems he/she was right. To date, comodo are the only issuer that wants to either kill off DV certs, amongst other (interesting) things.

    Are you sure this is not blue-on-blue? Seriously.

  16. John,
    re: they scare you the retail AV vendors”
    Huh? I don’t sell anything nor am I connected to anyone that does.

  17. LaserWraith,
    re: Comodo revoked the cert within minutes of hearing about it.”
    That’s fine … but the whole point was that they revoked their certificate from the same people previously … so why does this happen again?

  18. First of all I want to make it quite plain that the thoughts and opinions made by me on the Comodo forum, are my own and they in no way reflect those of Comodo.

    I am not associated with Comodo or their affiliates, I am simply a volunteer Moderator.

    It seems a recent comment made by me, in jest, has been taken, by some, to reflect the views of Comodo, this it does not.

    I have taken it upon myself to post here, to disassociate my views from those of Comodos and also to apologise for any harm, perceived or otherwise my comment may have caused.

  19. Toggie, your joke or not joke to hack my site: is unacceptable. A moderator of security forum should not threatened or write that way in “public” in any manner. We can voice our concern in many manner but to say hack my site in any way not acceptable. Glad to see it is gone (your post) and that you apologized. Apology accepted. Here’s hoping that you will understand our concern. It’s nothing personal but it’s the push they are doing and the work they are doing in attending whatever reported and voiced to them. Instead of working on it… they blaming other service that is similar to them. They forgot that they are offering desktop security product that other cert vendors do not. If they flag bad file from bad domain that has Comodo cert… that should ring a bell to them. If they don’t then it’s so obvious that they are not serious in protecting and providing what they call “creating trust online”.