Still more fake PornTube sites

On my weekly stroll thru various search engines for the term: “”PornTube: best movies collection.” I usually find 15-20 new malicious sites, all using the same page layout. However I found this one a little different in the bogus message that’s produced …

Notice the fake blurring in the background … and the fake Error message … “download a patch to fix a problem” …

blue-xxx-tube. com” redirects to “4-open-davinci. com” for the actual download. Both sites are hosted at Netplace … a well-known malware haven. A Google Diagnostic report confirms this … “354 site(s) served content that resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent
We found 45 site(s) that infected 1672 other site(s)”

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  2. Paul,
    While I appreciate your submissions … I certainly will not accept them in an image form.

  3. I’ve already made a comment where I typed them all out, twice, and it would never appear. So It’s either that or give me an email address. I don’t see what’s wrong with you copying the URL’s from the image.