InstallShield crashes after installing this week’s Windows Updates

July 11th, 2014 by and tagged

Several users are reporting that their InstallShield authoring tool stops working immediately after starting it. Apparently this is caused by an incompatibilty with Microsoft update MS14-037 “Security update for Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11” (KB2962872) which was distributed on this week’s Patch Turesday. Flexera is aware of the problem. A possible workaround is to uninstall the Windows patch, however this puts your system in an insecure, vulnerable state.

To get the latest information about workarounds and to get notified when a fix is available, please subscribe to this thread in the Flexera Community forum and/or contact Flexera support:

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3 Responses to “InstallShield crashes after installing this week’s Windows Updates”

  1.   installsite Says:

    Flexera Software has published a web page with additional information and a workaround that doesn’t require uninstallation of Microsoft’s security update:

  2.   installsite Says:

    Microsoft is actively working on a fix that will be delivered via a Microsoft Windows Update at a date to be determined.

  3.   installsite Says:

    Flexera Software published a patch to fix the problem. The patch also disables the “Try & Die” functionality which could be used to create a time limited trial version of your application. But I guess that only very few customers were actually using this feature. You can get the patch at