MacOS to be hacked? announced that Safari (built-in MacOS browser) was hacked in two hours on the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver (Canada). This event happened despite the fact that just before the conference had been issued the patch which mitigated 25 vulnerabilities. Moreover, Securityfocus states, that the prize was two small to attract many hackers: MacBook Pro costs approximately $3000 while 0day vulnerability may be worth $5000 to $20000.

Honestly, hackers, as I understood, were unable to get root’s rights – only user’s ones, but the reason for this post is not to have a gloat but rather to say it once more: the quantity of known vulnerabilities depends not only on the “quality” of coders or OS architecture but also its popularity. The more popular it is, and, consequently, higher is the cost of data stored on the computers running the OS, the more people are interested in stealing the data and looking for vulnerabilities.

Therefore increasing of MacOS popularity may turn out badly for users of this without doubt excellent platform.