DPM: What’s next? It’s up to you.

Users is not always a malicious addition to a program. Actually (however oddly that sounds) software is produced for the users. Well, this is the secondary reason, according to someone, but definitely if the product has not found its user then it was not a success. The same matters apply to the DPM. Each new version brings us new features, but a human being always wants more, of course. Some people ask how to communicate their wish lists to the DPM Product group or just asks on forums for new features. The good news is that this is easy now: … Continue reading DPM: What’s next? It’s up to you.

Saga of WSUS

I think there are not many organizations which have more than ten Windows-based computers and at least one server and do not use Windows Software Update Services. A brilliant piece of software, really. But every brilliance can be somehow spoiled sometimes. In case you are on the systems administration side, this “flaw” means that someone must begin investigation, find a solution, step into the next problem, resolve it just to run into other and so on. Of course my tale is all about one investigation in my experience. All began when I decided to build a downstream WSUS server synchronizing … Continue reading Saga of WSUS

Zverdvd ssl does not work

This is exactly the search query which led some user to my blog. For those who don’t know (I’m not sure if this particular set is well-known in countries other than Russia) Zverdvd is Russian pirate “build” of Windows with pirate software included. (the word “Zverdvd” is roughly equivalent to “BeastDVD”). Now the facts: – Among pirated applications on such a set one can find a virus or other piece of rogue software very often – SSL is a technology to prevent data thefts. It’s arguable how much help it brings, but that is not related our today’s topic After … Continue reading Zverdvd ssl does not work

Microsoft hardware: it’s no joke ;,,)

Yeah, the guys have done really important job: from now on you don’t need to think what direction a battery has to go to to your device. Instaload technology is a very simple (as any brilliant idea): just place two contacts on each side of a battery slot instead of one. Now just put your battery as it is positioned in your hand and enjoy. The only ingenious device to invent must grant you the same ability in case you need put several battery in a row

64-Bit Attacks!

According to Brandon LeBlanc almost half of the Windows 7 has been installed from x64 image. I think this is not due to the fact Windows 7 does something special with this architecture (well, comparing to Windows 2000 it does: it works on it =) ,,), but more to the fact that OEM vendors install x64 and there is very many computers with more than 4GB of RAM. Anyway, Brandon says “Happy 64-bit computing!” and couldn’t agree more. Source: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2010/07/08/64-bit-momentum-surges-with-windows-7.aspx