Zverdvd ssl does not work

This is exactly the search query which led some user to my blog. For those who don’t know (I’m not sure if this particular set is well-known in countries other than Russia) Zverdvd is Russian pirate “build” of Windows with pirate software included. (the word “Zverdvd” is roughly equivalent to “BeastDVD”). Now the facts:

– Among pirated applications on such a set one can find a virus or other piece of rogue software very often

  • – SSL is a technology to prevent data thefts. It’s arguable how much help it brings, but that is not related our today’s topic

After considering these two facts together I can ask only one more question: why so little people come to my blog from such queries? That definitely means that a user does not want to save his data. Maybe there is nothing to save?