Now! I mean NOW!!!

People are sometimes impatient… Ok, ok, sometimes they are patient. When we press a key we want it to result in an immediate action. Usually it is possible, but ISA server in Enterprise Edition never was a case: once we pressed Apply button we were to wait till every server in array received and applied its portion of configuration data from a configuration storage server. Isn’t it boring? Yes, looking at a monitoring tab and refreshing it while green ticks appears again – that can drive crazy. Moreover, it is not very difficult to make up a scenario, when we really need to apply new configuration right away. Seems to me, like someone persuaded ISA team to believe in the necessity of the feature: they published in their blog that now (in TMG) we are able to configure the process to be synchronous.

To do that we need to create a key in the registry (Whoa, whoa, whoa! R E G I S T R Y!!! Backup it, please…):



After this change you will be sure that your servers comply with your will as soon as the progress bar finishes its move and green tick appear in the “Saving Configuration Changes” dialog:


One more thing to keep in mind is timeout: this dialog box is waiting for changes to apply not more than a minute and a half unless you change this parameter in the registry too.
A bit more detailed article (from which I took the material for this one) is placed in the ISA team blog.

P.S. In addition, between all these details the article tells us that now not only Enterprise but also Standard edition of TMG by default update configuration in asynchronous mode