Old good command line #2…

Let’s continue overview of what was found by me in command line tools.

  • driverquery. List drivers, installed into your system with various information about them. For example, we can obtain information about signed drivers:


May be handy in case of some drivers problems.

  • fc. Whoa, kind of déjà vu… Haven’t we such a command described in the previous issue of “old good command line”? Isn’t it the same as “comp command”? Well, not exactly. While “comp” compares byte-by-byte, this command has some different options and is more powerful in some cases. It can compare in ASCII mode, be case-sensitive or insensitive and so on and so forth. By default the command outputs lines which are different between the files being compared:


It should even be able to synchronize files, if they are different, but I failed to do that =,,)

  • find. Well… It should be named BING: But It Is Not Grep. Still, it is powerful enough to be useful.


That is all for today, we’ll continue Winking smile