Platforma 2011

imageHere, in Russia, we have some local TechEd-like event, called “Platforma” (“The Platform” maybe). I am going to take part in the event not as mere visitor but as a lab instructor (it will be named “UAG and DirectAccess”, I believe) and an expert in Ask the Expert section and even maybe a speaker (this one not decided yet on). The first one is quite a challenge for me, because I am now to study the whole new for me product in less than a month sufficiently enough to answer at least basic questions. Yes, I know something about DirectAccess, but I totally ignorant in anything one can tell about UAG. Consequently I won’t have much time for my blog. so, next month there will be mostly news and short articles with links. Sorry, I will set it right again as soon as Platforma finishes. =,,)