The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone! In this last post I wish you Happy New Year! I also wish you to be healthy and fit: Have fun: and no bad news: And just in case you care to reread something from this month’s blog posts, here is the wrap up: IPv6: hopes, disappointments… IPv6 is great. But Are we really ready yet? Freebies: some more free eBooks Yeah, those free books are great, but I need another 24 hours per day to read them. IPD Guide: Beta for malware response Plan, implement, win. No malware is good news, but be prepared… Just in case… … Continue reading The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

IPv6: hopes, disappointments…

  This scary gadget screenshot (26th of December here) tells us that it is only a question of a month, may be, two to run out of IPv4 addresses. Well, not exactly “we”. It is IANA who will run out of it. Of course, some time since then it will affect some customers who want to buy their own autonomous system, and large providers and sooner or later – end users. I won’t do any predictions about the time it will become a real problem (you know, there were too many of these predictions) but now it is more than … Continue reading IPv6: hopes, disappointments…

Freebies: some more free eBooks

Being ill I’m not currently in the state to write anything smart, so I will just provide you with some more free eBooks (and their parts) from the list which were announced at MS Press blog (And were kindly mustered together by one of MS employees for me. Thanks, pal):   Moving to MS Visual Studio 2010 PDF XPS Sample code     Introducing Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 (Yeah, another two hundred pages for me to read) PDF XPS       Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview). We still don’t have WP7 here, but already have some programmers … Continue reading Freebies: some more free eBooks

IPD Guide: Beta for malware response

I love those IPDs. You don’t know what “IPD guide” stands for? Well… I suggest it to be for “I Plan Darn good”. MS, all of a sudden, thinks that it is for “Infrastructure Planning and Design guide”. Anyway, what has been just issued is a beta for one more process: answer to a malware infection in your organization (I bet I can adopt it for home usage too, but it can wait). Why is it important to have such a plan (we do have one, by the way )? Well… It is like everything with security: if something went … Continue reading IPD Guide: Beta for malware response

How to change attribute in AD: alternatives

After my post on delegation and filtered attributes I got a question about more convenient means of editing an attribute (say, employeeID) than Attribute Editor in ADUC. Well, let me enumerate everything I can suggest from tools for the task. ADUC It is the most common tool for the single attribute change. Just launch Active Directory Users And Computers, check that Advanced Features are on: Then find your object and open its properties, select Attribute Editor tab and find your attribute: Drawbacks of the method: You need to find the object in AD tree, else you won’t be able to … Continue reading How to change attribute in AD: alternatives

Bragging: Platforma results

As I already wrote, I visited the “Russian TechEd” being an expert in AtE and a lab instructor for “UAG and DirectAccess: better together”. Well, I cannot tell you If I was good enough (though I think I wasn’t bad): there weren’t any quantitative measurements. But the attendees of my lab surprised me, stated my 8.8 out of 9 mark. Thanks, guys! Now I am just obliged to implement both UAG and DirectAccess in my company to be really professional in them

Delegating something… “I don’t see the attribute I want to delegate!”

As I have been dealing with some delegation tasks recently, I had to recall some basic stuff. Actually, it took me two occasions of “suddenly missing attributes” to get on the problem seriously and find out the fact that “filtered attributes” can be related not only to RODCs =,,) So, the situation generally renders as the following: you are trying to delegate permissions for an attribute in AD through the Delegation wizard and find out that you cannot, because you don’t see the attribute in the wizard. Let me show you an example. Suppose I’m trying to delegate permissions for … Continue reading Delegating something… “I don’t see the attribute I want to delegate!”

Using Windows Live Essentials: my experience

Recently I’ve been asked to share my own experience with the stated in the subject program suite. Actually I was going to do it anyway, because it is a great bunch of programs. Well, maybe not all of them: I don’t know about some, because I’m using only several: Others haven’t found any place in my life yet. But these… They just fits me perfectly… Well, almost perfectly =,,) Live Mail It is sort of replacement for old Outlook Express. Ok, I almost never used OE, because it was not too convenient for me and I was able to spend … Continue reading Using Windows Live Essentials: my experience

ASP.NET-based blog engines, CMSs, etc…

One of the Russian MS employees published a list of ASP.NET-based engines for site creation. Maybe someone will be interested in it. I failed to insert a good looking table here, so get a link to the .xlsx file with the engines. Where the discussion begins (Russian): File: