How to change attribute in AD: alternatives

After my post on delegation and filtered attributes I got a question about more convenient means of editing an attribute (say, employeeID) than Attribute Editor in ADUC.

Well, let me enumerate everything I can suggest from tools for the task.


It is the most common tool for the single attribute change.

Just launch Active Directory Users And Computers, check that Advanced Features are on:


Then find your object and open its properties, select Attribute Editor tab and find your attribute:


Drawbacks of the method:

  • You need to find the object in AD tree, else you won’t be able to find Attribute Editor tab.
  • Think of the situation in which you are to change attributes for, say, 100 objects… Crazy, huh?


It is more powerful than ADUC, but actually is kind of overkill in this situation. Still some can like it. Almost the same, but first connect to default naming context, found your object and change the attribute in editor. Almost the same window and exactly the same problems.

Active Directory Administrative Center

It is one of the most appropriate tools for managing users and some other objects on a one-by-one basis. Unfortunately in this case it is almost the same as ADUC:


the only difference is that you don’t need to go down the AD tree to find your objet. Here you can just search for it from a search box and just edit what you need.


I love it. Really. Even though I am not very proficient in it I can do soooooo much with it. In this case,for example,we can assign a new employeeID attribute value just like that:


I’m almost sure it can be done in one line, but here I hadn’t such task. As you can see, this method already can help us to create some script with even something like GUI. You can too create a script for doing some bulk changes. It’s pretty good method, actually.

Enough for today. In one of the following messages I will try to introduce to more methods for changing objects’ attributes.