IPv6: hopes, disappointments…



This scary gadget screenshot (26th of December here) tells us that it is only a question of a month, may be, two to run out of IPv4 addresses. Well, not exactly “we”. It is IANA who will run out of it. Of course, some time since then it will affect some customers who want to buy their own autonomous system, and large providers and sooner or later – end users. I won’t do any predictions about the time it will become a real problem (you know, there were too many of these predictions) but now it is more than ever obvious that IPv4 must R.I.P just soon enough to think about it at least today, in case you didn’t do it yesterday.

Some guys are not only prepared for it, but even more: they are in it almost totally (some say that China has almost half of their addresses in IPv6), or partially (US governmental institutions are to be on IPv6 by now, AFAIK), or not ready at all.

I’m ready to roll towards implementation in my mind: I subdued to the necessity in my mind,but… Again those “but”. There is too many problems in security (LOL: security problems with the protocol which has built-in IPSec,huh? =)). My ISA cannot filter it. Darn: TMG cannot also! I need some transition technologies to implement DirectAccess, because some legacy software just cannot do well with IPv6.

Well… Anyway, how are you feeling about IPv6? Do you need it? Can you implement it just with good planning, without some crutches or changing your firewalls, network equipment and company you work for? Why?


(Pictures: a screenshot of Windows gadget from Hurricane electric and IPv4-picture from www.gomonews.com)