How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2

Returning to the question of AD attributes change tools I should go on for some more graphical tools. From now on I know only some self-created possibilities, which require some coding. First is to create some

Custom GUI Application

There are multitudes of variants: C#, VBScript, C, you name it. Being somewhat lazy, I decided to take a short cut. In a beautiful book from Windows 2008 resource kit, namely: Windows Administration Resource Kit, there are some useful additions. Among them there is an .HTA script, named “Object_Attribute_EmployeeNumber.hta”. It allows me to show EmployeeNumber attribute and set it. As we were demonstrating EmployeeID attribute changes I had to implement some changes, like replacing where it was needed word “number” with word “ID” (be careful: not every “number” entry needs to be replaced), like that:


and some minor bug fixing. But since I’ve done it – voila:


What are pros of the method? Obviously, it is very flexible method and you may create the application as powerful as you need. And this method requires less education for your staff. Still,you have some drawbacks: you have to create some app,you have to support and develop it in case it becomes stale.

Anyway, this leaves us with one more method:

extending the ADUC or other AD mmc consoles

It should be absolutely cool, but it is way over my head at the moment. I am not really ready to give anyone a step-by-step guide how to implement the feature yet, so I will postpone the article till I am able to.