Blog wrap-up for January 2011

  • Malware: how comes we are infected?
  • The most successful malware requires user interaction to be installed.

  • How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2
  • How to create your own GUI for changing an attribute for an AD object.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 secrets
  • Do you know what is in your system32 folder? Ohhh… There are treasures =,,)

  • Creating self-signed certificate for code-signing
  • You need a certificate for your own use and don’t want to pay? Do it yourself!

  • Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version
  • My very first C# application. Quite buggy in some respects but it WORKS! =)

  • MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone
  • The world went nuts, but I like it.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Schtasks
  • The continuation of the series.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Auditpol

    And once more the continuation.