MCP Club: Follow UP

MCP ClubThe day before yesterday I was speaking at MCP Club: Moscow. The topic was named like “IPD Guides: I Plan Darn Good”. Guess what? Seems like it was fun! =) Well, at least I found it entertaining and I hope everyone else had a good time =)


What have we done back there? First I delivered a small presentation about IPD and why is it important to plan. For example, I said that it allows you to reduce resource conflicts like that:



After this we had a workshop:


The audience created company (a strange one, I’d say, but it worked for us), then planned with my little help for the Exchange roll-out and then we did it with IPD. At the end it was obvious that we lost availability on our way without IPD, but nothing else. So, the audience was way proficient Winking smile 

Thanks, guys. That was a session of a kind which is clearly impossible without your involvement, so you were a great crowd! =)