%SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: certreq

CLIThe next two candidates for the series from System32 folder were bootcfg and cacls (I’m going through them alphabetically). But they are deprecated and, what’s important too, I’ve managed to learn theirs new variants. Moreover, I’ve already described BCDEdit, which is a successor to bootcfg (and I’ve managed to learn how to use the new one ;)). Therefore I’m skipping these two commands and go straight to certreq command.

So, certreq. It is more for advanced admin use, then for general user. But still it is good to remember of it… Just in case you need to:

  • create new request for a certificate, which can be later submitted to a CA
  • submit the request to a CA
  • retrieve a certificate from a CA
  • sign a certificate request
  • and all other stuff to deal with certificates =)

Of course, it is scriptable, but, to be honest, I’ve used it several times so far. Still it can become handy in scripting, on helpdesk and on a disconnected from your network box. So, keep in mind 😉

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