The Blog Wrap-Up for March 2011

  • %System%\System32 secrets: change

    Change money, change your life? No, just change the way your terminal server behaves

  • Some new cool betas

    MS issued several absolutely awesome betas – join the programs and influence the products on their early stages

  • Delegate permissions for creating GPO objects in other domain

    You cannot delegate this permission easily, let’s do it “hard way” which is not particularly hard, actually

  • Too many smart-cards inserted. Good thing: no need to throw them away

    Do you see the message? Problem solved!

  • %SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: certreq

    Systemroot continues to reveal its secrets

  • %SystemRoot%\System32 secrets: BITSAdmin

    Download files even after the connection has been lost. A bit outdated command but it still works

  • Wildcard certificates drawbacks

    They are an excellent means to simplify your life, but what can be on a flipside?

  • %SystemRoot%\System32 secrets: BCDEdit

    Dual boot of W7 with FreeBSD? Easy