Check your certificate status visually

imageJust another not bad tool. If you don’t have a wildcard certificate in use, probably you have many of them and in many places.Usually such kind of system is being monitored automatically with some system (OpsMgr, nagios, custom software), but sometimes you just need to get an overview of what’s happening right now. In this case you can use some report if you have one suitable, or write your own report, or use the following tool: VerifySSLSertificate.It’s small, robust and have just several but essential functions and settings. You can save and load a list of servers to check, save a certificate from a server and set a warning threshold. That’s it. Do you need more to get a brief overview? I doubt it, to be honest, it is quite visual:


So, thanks you, Chris Blankenship, for this tool and several others.