%SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: compact & convert

I’ve been quite busy for some time, so there is a quick run over two utilities: compact and convert. The first one can be used sometimes while the second, I think, has almost died out. Let’s take a look on them.


Remember cipher? The same stuff: cipher deals with encryption, this one – with compression on an NTFS volume. You need to script it or find it boring to use all that GUI? It’s for you. But seriously: do many people use it? I don’t like the feature, actually. But anyway, if you need it, you get it.


This command I haven’t used for years. Really, who has a file system which can be converted to NTFS now? Probably, on some thumb drive. Yet it was very useful back then, in time when we all were moving from windows 9x to Windows 2000 or XP. I used it quite often, so when I found it still placed on my W7 system, I decided to honor it even if it is worthless now. BTW, probably, it isn’t? Then tell me =)