Network trace without NetMon, wireShark, etc… Part 2

As I told you in the previous episode, there is more than just capturing without installing any software. Much more, actually. There is a .cab file which contains many files: 33 to be accurate (at least in my case). The files contain the heck of information about the computer’s networking configuration as well as logs. Let’s take a look at those files:   1) adapterinfo.txt: contains info about your NICs’ drivers: How can this be useful? Easily, say, you see the driver for a physical NIC which was issued 5 years ago: why not to upgrade it first? Anyway, this … Continue reading Network trace without NetMon, wireShark, etc… Part 2

Network trace without NetMon, WireShark, etc…

It is often necessary to capture and analyze some network traffic to troubleshoot a problem. Usually, it requires to install some software package similar to several stated in the subject to this article. It’s ok, when the computer in question is, say, your laptop, or its user is at least advanced user, has administrative permissions and it is permitted by a security policy to install some new software. But what if it is not the case? A user is some sales manager who don’t want to spend their time installing anything? Or this is a server, where you cannot change … Continue reading Network trace without NetMon, WireShark, etc…

%systemroot%\System32 secrets: defrag

The next command also seems to be used the further the less. Partly, probably, because performance of modern computers allows forgetting about the problem of fragmentation unless it is too late becomes huge. Partly because some myths about it have successfully died. But mostly because it is running by default once a week. Earlier (in 9x age) we had a nice GUI-based defragmentation program, now we have only a command line tool and very reduced (without that visualized fragmentation status: it was totally useless, but absolutely awesome. Hey, I believe that the fact we don’t have this magic now is … Continue reading %systemroot%\System32 secrets: defrag

LCDS: Create your own curriculum

Often I need to conduct some kind of internal presentation, just to relay the knowledge I have about the infrastructure and the procedures. It always take some time to create or refresh some PowerPoint slides and get myself prepared to deliver it. It’s cool, but very time consuming. Now I am considering creation of some internal learning curriculums for these purposes. The tool I think I’ll be using for it is named MS Learning Content Development System. It’s quite a tool with simple yet powerful interface, many features and abilities. You can download it here, then just install it and … Continue reading LCDS: Create your own curriculum

The Blog Wrap-Up for May 2011

This April was way too busy for me, so there was less messages in my blog and they were not very great, I guess. Still, here is a wrap-up: %SystemRoot%\system32 secrets: cipher To encrypt or to delete, that is the question %SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: compact & convert Old worthless friends are still around Freebies: books and other learning stuff Free stuff for learning something new TextAnalysisTool.NET A great tool for analyzing logs and other text information Do you mind creating a Domain Controller from your W7 box? I still don’t get it: why? =) Platforma: goodbye Some local news, seems like … Continue reading The Blog Wrap-Up for May 2011