LCDS: Create your own curriculum

imageOften I need to conduct some kind of internal presentation, just to relay the knowledge I have about the infrastructure and the procedures. It always take some time to create or refresh some PowerPoint slides and get myself prepared to deliver it. It’s cool, but very time consuming. Now I am considering creation of some internal learning curriculums for these purposes. The tool I think I’ll be using for it is named MS Learning Content Development System. It’s quite a tool with simple yet powerful interface, many features and abilities. You can download it here, then just install it and create some courses. You can embed audio and video, create a quiz or assessment game… You name it. After that you can export it into one of several formats. No, really, if you have something to say, everything else is easy with the tool.

For example, it took me only 15 to 20 minutes to create my own demo course (of course, the media was ready to the moment).