TechEd is over

imageWell, that’s a bummer but still it’s over. It was great:

1) I met many friends (MVPs and not)

2) I answered a bunch of questions from visitors and got some more for my “home work”

3) I delivered my presentation without forgetting anything vital. I don’t have the questionnaire’s result yet, but I hope it was useful for the attendees (though the only response I’ve got so fat was “nah… It was good, probably, but I knew it already” =))) ).

4) I met Thomas Shinder and he… interviewed me for “from end to edge and beyond”. He’s AWESOME: I’m not even sure if I spoke proper English while being interviewed (probably not, I was too thrilled =) ) or even that I was telling him something worthy….

Therefore I decree that the event was a total success (even though some organizational troubles were present). I’m really looking forward to the next one already =)