#RuTeched: the results

imageA couple of days before the Security Track Lead for TechEd Russia sent me results of visitors’ survey. Well… It turns out that the results aren’t as good as I want them to be. Ok, I hope that partly this is because wrong description of my session (the one I’ve created for the event has never made it to the site =)). Still, I’ve got the average 7.5 out of 9. Well, that’s near my usual mark, but it’s way below many others, so I’ll keep getting better.

Most of negative comments (I don’t count on positive ones: they are very nice, but not useful for my development as a speaker. Thanks, anyway – I appreciate itПодмигивающая рожица ) on my presentation were due to the reason stated above: the people just couldn’t find information they came for. But some of the comments were really helpful and I’m going to incorporate the ideas from the comments into my future blogs or presentations.

Anyhow, thanks a lot to everyone who came to listen to me. I really appreciate it and I will definitely get better for the next event =)