Yep, I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough…

Well… It seems like Google finally officially turned up into The Evil Empire. Not that they haven’t behaved that way in the recent years… Neither do I believe that other companies don’t collect my information as well. Still no company has been barefaced enough to declare that my data just is theirs and no one can complain.

So, as long as Google went rogue, I decided to go Google-free. For me it is hard, yet not impossible. Here is what I personally have to do:

  • I have my Russian blog on BlogSpot. Since it has been accessible via my own domain name, I’ll just move it to other hosting, no sweat.
  • I have my RSS feeds for blogs on FeedBurner. This one will be tough, as I’m risking losing my subscribers, but I hope they still are reading all my posts, so, I’ll take a risk and migrate my feed to another hosting too. I believe it’ll be here, but just in case, you can subscribe to the direct feed.
  • Gmail. huh… I’m actually glad something forced me to live it. It’s good and all that stuff, but earlier I was too eager to subscribe to anything that looked interesting to me. My new address will be sent to every person I’ll be able to remember and it is searchable, if you need it. Anyhow, you can find me on my blog 8) I still will have some trouble in turning to the new addresses some of mail flows, but…
  • Google analytics: I use it rarely. Primarily to get my statistics for the MVP Award program and from time to time the search referrals tell me what is interesting for my readers. It’ll be harder to get this info from now on, but I believe I’ll succeed.
  • Chrome. The only thing I used it is to play. I can totally do without it, especially since we had Jagged Alliance 3 launched =)
  • Google search. That’s the most tough, probably. I haven’t yet found a suitable replacement for searching English-based content, but I will try. And I’ll give one more chance for, say, BING =)

After all that I’m going to delete my account. C U, Google (Unless they hire me, of course 8) )