FeedDemon + Windows 8: overcoming problems

Will anyone be surprised to hear that I’m trying to move to windows 8 right now? No? Right. At the moment a couple issues make my stay on it uncomfortable or impossible:

  • I still don’t have proper drivers for etoken for the OS.
  • Evernote in the new OS with the new interface (we don’t use term “Metro” anymore) sucks.
  • FeedDemon keeps giving me error messages in huge amount.

And it seems as the latter problem now has a solution. First of all, here is the message:


Untitled picture0

or in text: “Error saving file: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process (32)” and then states some file in the Temp folder.

I really don’t understand the connection between those files and the solution (or, rather, I’d name it workaround), but it works:

1. Go to Personalize

2. And change color schema from Automatic (top-left) to any other.

Untitled picture

Voila! No more error messages.