VMM and not so disjointed namespace

I’ve been configuring VMM to manage some Hyper-V hosts in a remote AD Domain. I’ve pressed “Add host” in my VMM, ran through the wizard, found the servers, tried to add them into the wizard and…   What I’ve covered by black ink is a netBIOS name of my host. To cut a long story short: I haven’t succeeded that day. I was too tired by fighting it, so a friend of mine solved the mystery: you just need to add DNS suffix for your domain to the “append these DNS suffixes (in order)” setting on the NIC on your … Continue reading VMM and not so disjointed namespace

Manage your Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server from XP

Being an MS MVP involves answering questions. I don’t receive many of them, but this happens sometimes. The latest one was quite interesting. After reading my article about delegating administration of DNS one of my readers discovers that he cannot implement my solution in his environment. You see, he has got Windows XP workstation for administrators but windows Server 2008 R2 DNS servers. This configuration leads to either “access denied”, this: or other errors error while trying to connect from XP DNS console to W2K8R2 DNS server. I hadn’t ever encounter such a problem, seems like I pass it and … Continue reading Manage your Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server from XP