Looking for a GP object?

Take notice: My new feed address is now http://feed.feedcat.net/806052. Please re-subscribe. Well, some time ago I wrote about finding the exact setting in your group policy editor, which is, certainly, quite useful. But this is vital when you try to create a new GPO or find a value in an exact existing one. But what if you want to look at the GPOs in your environment which contain settings from some area? From the age of Server 2003 there is an answer. Not the ideal one, but still, it is better than nothing. So, you need to find which of … Continue reading Looking for a GP object?

Myths #1: Number of previous logons to cache

You know, as an IT Pro I often meet some persistent myths about OS, protocols or whatever else. Sometimes these encounters become sooo frequent, that explaining these wrongs just bore  me to death. What’s even more amazing: these wrongs are explained usually on so many blogs, pages and other places that… Well, anyway, probably some people who know people who read my blog don’t read those blogs and pages, therefore I’ll try to show some more of these mistakes. Let’s begin from the very basic, but one of the most frequent mistakes about Group Policy. Yeah, the one which is … Continue reading Myths #1: Number of previous logons to cache

Press a button–get the result

Do you know at which moment exactly does your GPO apply really? When you switch the radio button to “Enabled”? Or when you close a GPO console? I’ve been wondering about it for some time (but of course I was to lazy to test it myself 😉 ), but some time ago, while being on a training I asked a trainer and we conducted experiment on spot, because he didn’t know it either. During the experiment we got proof that the settings you change are implemented as soon as you press the “OK” or “Apply” button with this particular setting. … Continue reading Press a button–get the result

Delegate permissions for creating GPO objects in other domain

The task is obviously necessary to complete on your way to implementing Role-Based Administration concept. And, to be honest, being in euphoria after quick acquaintance with AGPM I thought that it was no deal at all: give an account or a group a membership in some special groups including “Group Policy Creator Owners” and voila – you’ve got it. Aha. Like hell it can succeed! =) This darn group is global and thus cannot be populated with objects from other domains. And moreover, you are unable to change the fact: everything is dimmed. At least I don’t know a way … Continue reading Delegate permissions for creating GPO objects in other domain

Group Policy Search App

“Where is this @#$% policy? I know it is somewhere in this hive” – that is the question to bother each systems administrator. It was a nightmare trying to find a setting, especially for not very experienced one. It seems like we are one step closer to the solution: while sorting out a mess which always is created in my OneNote notebooks after my vacations I ran into a post from Ask DS blog, which told me: “Alex, you can do full-text search through every GPO MS has been created”. Great news, so I wanted to try. Step 1: go … Continue reading Group Policy Search App