Yep, I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough…

Well… It seems like Google finally officially turned up into The Evil Empire. Not that they haven’t behaved that way in the recent years… Neither do I believe that other companies don’t collect my information as well. Still no company has been barefaced enough to declare that my data just is theirs and no one can complain. So, as long as Google went rogue, I decided to go Google-free. For me it is hard, yet not impossible. Here is what I personally have to do: I have my Russian blog on BlogSpot. Since it has been accessible via my own … Continue reading Yep, I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough…

News and freebies

Hi. Recently I’ve experienced some events in my life which made my blog totally neglected. I’m sorry about it, but life is life. I’ll do my my best to keep the blog updated, still the next couple of months updates probably won’t be regularly, because I’ll be getting ready to TechEd Russia 2011. Lync First of all, there have been at least two interesting new things about Lync: Lync Adoption and Training Kit and Lync Server Administration Guide. The first one is some kind of one-stop resource for everyone who wants to implement Lync in theirs organization. You can choose … Continue reading News and freebies

Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

As I mentioned some time ago, a guy named Simon May created a small tool which allows you to create a blog post with all your recent blog posts inside. It is cool and really saves me some time. However, I decided to: 1) adapt it more for my needs 2) write at last my first app since… Hell, I haven’t been writing anything but scripts for 15 years already =) So, a guy with more than one blog and programming knowledge on the BASIC (not even VB!) “Hello World” level closes his eyes, downloads Visual C# 2010 Express and … Continue reading Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

IPv6: hopes, disappointments…

  This scary gadget screenshot (26th of December here) tells us that it is only a question of a month, may be, two to run out of IPv4 addresses. Well, not exactly “we”. It is IANA who will run out of it. Of course, some time since then it will affect some customers who want to buy their own autonomous system, and large providers and sooner or later – end users. I won’t do any predictions about the time it will become a real problem (you know, there were too many of these predictions) but now it is more than … Continue reading IPv6: hopes, disappointments…

Bragging: Platforma results

As I already wrote, I visited the “Russian TechEd” being an expert in AtE and a lab instructor for “UAG and DirectAccess: better together”. Well, I cannot tell you If I was good enough (though I think I wasn’t bad): there weren’t any quantitative measurements. But the attendees of my lab surprised me, stated my 8.8 out of 9 mark. Thanks, guys! Now I am just obliged to implement both UAG and DirectAccess in my company to be really professional in them

Using Windows Live Essentials: my experience

Recently I’ve been asked to share my own experience with the stated in the subject program suite. Actually I was going to do it anyway, because it is a great bunch of programs. Well, maybe not all of them: I don’t know about some, because I’m using only several: Others haven’t found any place in my life yet. But these… They just fits me perfectly… Well, almost perfectly =,,) Live Mail It is sort of replacement for old Outlook Express. Ok, I almost never used OE, because it was not too convenient for me and I was able to spend … Continue reading Using Windows Live Essentials: my experience

ASP.NET-based blog engines, CMSs, etc…

One of the Russian MS employees published a list of ASP.NET-based engines for site creation. Maybe someone will be interested in it. I failed to insert a good looking table here, so get a link to the .xlsx file with the engines. Where the discussion begins (Russian): File:

Platforma 2011

Here, in Russia, we have some local TechEd-like event, called “Platforma” (“The Platform” maybe). I am going to take part in the event not as mere visitor but as a lab instructor (it will be named “UAG and DirectAccess”, I believe) and an expert in Ask the Expert section and even maybe a speaker (this one not decided yet on). The first one is quite a challenge for me, because I am now to study the whole new for me product in less than a month sufficiently enough to answer at least basic questions. Yes, I know something about DirectAccess, … Continue reading Platforma 2011

To disclose or not to disclose

The second topic I’d like to raise in connection with the vulnerability in VMWare products is almost Shakespearean one. What should do a person or an organization in case they found a vulnerability? Tell the vendor and publicly disclose at the same time? Only publicly disclose? Notify the vendor and wait for a patch? There is a bunch of strategies, as you can see. As usual everyone has its own point of view on the problem. Microsoft, for example, follow theirs Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. That does mean that they want the time to create and test a fix before … Continue reading To disclose or not to disclose

Wrap-upper and wrap up for August 2010

Simon May from MS UK created cool app: Live Writer Wrapup Tool. The tool allows you to create the following from your RSS feed: MS Security advisory: Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution cool apps–useful and not Remote Desktop Connection Manager Freebies #2: Diagrams for SharePoint 2010 Microsoft Professional Advisory Services Freebies: Free Visio stencils Group Policy Search App Now! I mean NOW!!! Bingo: one click and all my messages for the month are published. To install the tool visit Then start it, enter your feed address, blog post title, and select the range for you … Continue reading Wrap-upper and wrap up for August 2010