Creating your own troubleshooting pack

Take notice: My new feed address is now Please re-subscribe. As I wrote in one of my blogs, you not only can tell your user which exactly troubleshooting pack to run, you can also create one of your own. Finally I decided to learn how and to tell you. I was pretty sure it was very hard, creating those. But I was plain wrong: it’s easy. Moreover it’s fun, because for creating it you should collect all the components of a geek’s fun: 1) Use GUI 2) Use scripting 3) Run the automation and see the result! So, let’s … Continue reading Creating your own troubleshooting pack

MVP, one more time!

Yep, even though I’ve betrayed you, my readers, by abandoning my blog for months, I still happened to receive the award once more. Although I believe that the award is granted for the past merits, every time I receive it I make some kind of “New Year’s” resolution. This time is not an exclusion, so, despite my life’s being changed vastly recently I promise to come back and continue the blog on. Probably it won’t be such technical anymore, but I believe it will be nevertheless interesting and helpful. Thank you all for your support.


  Just clean forgot: I was re-nominated at the 1st of April. I hope you think it is well-earned award and I also will do my best to not disappoint you. =)