MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone

What a crazy world, one can say… Still it is true: New book of Mark Russinovich Mark Russinovich has wrote a thriller book named Zero Day. Something about cyber crime, cyber attacks and so on. I won’t even read the excerpts: I’ll just get this book as soon as I can after it is out (March 2011). Pre-0rder i$ @v@i1@b1e. OneNote is on iPhone/iPod. And it even works, though I haven’t yet fully synchronized it from my SkyDrive storage. The process is to be continued soon, though.Download it on the Apple store and enjoy. It is “free for a limited … Continue reading MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone

Funny bug

I have run into some glitch in my brand-new Office 2010. Nothing serious, just somewhat funny =,,) If you copy a bulleted list, say, from MS Word document, paste it into Excel 2010 and then try to get rid of that bullets by changing them to empty string… Well, to see once is better than hear 7 times (sorry for my English – I was using it for the first time before a camera 😉 ): I should check whether it is only bulleted list bug, of course… BTW, we can just change font to what we need from Symbol … Continue reading Funny bug