#RutechEd: Answering the questions, part II

At last, two remaining questions to be answered. 1) One of the attendees of the hands-on lab on Dynamic Access Control had read that a normal user (without administrative permissions) can classify files and folders. However, he hadn’t succeeded in achieving it. Here is what I tried and understood: i. Any user cannot change classification via explorer remotely (or at least I failed to achieve this). ii. Any user, which has full permissions on files can edit classification locally, e.g. from TS session. As far as I can understand, the “non-administrative user can edit it” part was related to automated … Continue reading #RutechEd: Answering the questions, part II

#RuTeched: answering the questions. Does the Dynamic Access Control work over replication?

As I said previously my labs were a success, still I wasn’t able to answer some questions and promised to answer them later. the time has come for the first of them. One of the visitors told me that he had had an experience when some of files’ attributes wouldn’t replicate over DFSR and asked me if there is any problem with DAC in the same situation. I could definitely experiment myself (and I will), but any experiment of mine would just give me an answer: “yes” or “no”. Or “may be” for that matter. It wouldn’t explain why. As … Continue reading #RuTeched: answering the questions. Does the Dynamic Access Control work over replication?

#RutechEd: Lab Results

I have received survey results for my hands-on labs during TechEd Russia. And are they awesome! Both my labs are in top5, moreover, one of them is the first in the list! I’m thrilled to bits =) Many thanks to all visitors: you’ve created such an aim for me, that I’ve already started to think about what to show you next year. My marks: DirectAccess: 9 out of 9 Dynamic Access Control: 8.55 out of 9

#RuTechEd is over

te TechEd Russia has finished its work. This time I was too busy to be a proper visitor: at the first day I was preparing my presentation and demos, at the second I checked my labs, delivering them and then… Then the TechEd ended =) As for my engagements: 1) Presentation. Advanced Persistent Threat: behind the scenes. Unfortunately, my part wasn’t very good. At least I think so, therefore I’ll improve what I failed (still I hope that no one noticed . Especially take into consideration the fact that our demos were total success). 2) The hands-on lab on Dynamic … Continue reading #RuTechEd is over

TechEd Russia.

Yep, this year I don’t participate in Ask the Expert section, but instead I speak about Advanced Persistent Threat and I’m also a trainer for two labs: DirectAccess and Dynamic Access Control. I really look forward to the event. It must be thrilling as always. And I hope I will bring some knowledge and decisions upon my listeners

#RuTeched: the results

A couple of days before the Security Track Lead for TechEd Russia sent me results of visitors’ survey. Well… It turns out that the results aren’t as good as I want them to be. Ok, I hope that partly this is because wrong description of my session (the one I’ve created for the event has never made it to the site =)). Still, I’ve got the average 7.5 out of 9. Well, that’s near my usual mark, but it’s way below many others, so I’ll keep getting better. Most of negative comments (I don’t count on positive ones: they are … Continue reading #RuTeched: the results

TechEd is over

Well, that’s a bummer but still it’s over. It was great: 1) I met many friends (MVPs and not) 2) I answered a bunch of questions from visitors and got some more for my “home work” 3) I delivered my presentation without forgetting anything vital. I don’t have the questionnaire’s result yet, but I hope it was useful for the attendees (though the only response I’ve got so fat was “nah… It was good, probably, but I knew it already” =))) ). 4) I met Thomas Shinder and he… interviewed me for “from end to edge and beyond”. He’s AWESOME: … Continue reading TechEd is over


Yep. Speaking. I’m speaking of on TechEd Russia. This time it is more than 3000 people, 150 events and so on and so forth. And I’m going to be a part of this IT feast. I’ll be delivering a session about implementing a Role Based system of infrastructure administration in MS based environment. Hopefully some of you will attend by a chance, though usually English speaking don’t visit our Russian events. While being quite sure I did what I’m going to describe to my listeners, I’m also aware that every infrastructure has its own features and can give us very … Continue reading Speaking…

Platforma: goodbye

I wrote several times about our local Russian TechEd-like event named “Platforma”. It was really like TechEd: 1500 attendees, several dozens of presentations in two days. Still, “TechEd-like” is not exactly TechEd, so, from this year we’ll receive our very own TechEd. It will be twice as much in term if people and tracks, so I believe it will be really awesome. I’ll definitely take a look on it this autumn