Malware: how comes we are infected?

It was not the first time I had the same argue: some of my peers and even colleagues still think that the major infection method for client computers is through some kind of vulnerabilities which don’t involve stupidity. I believe (and I have some brothers in arm in my belief) that abovementioned “stupidity”, or let’s say lack of education and carelessness is the major threat. What am I talking about? Well… Some of the sources tells us that most of successful malware installs itself using USB sticks, shared drives or some kind of other user-involving technologies. For example, in MS … Continue reading Malware: how comes we are infected?

x64 attacks, part II

When I wrote about the surge of 64-bit platform which had come to the client computers I didn’t think about one obvious things: as some platform becomes mass and popular, it attracts all sorts of ill-minded persons to it. In our age it means that all the instruments that hackers use to do what they do will become adapted to the new reality. Unfortunately it is happening whether I think about it or no (maybe someone else had thought about it? Quit it, then ). Guys from MS have reported that we have received a 64bit version of Alureon malware. … Continue reading x64 attacks, part II

Virus for iPod

Yep, we’ve ended up with something like virus for iPod. Well… Actually it is just a proof-of-concept, and one should have some nerve to call it a “virus” – you have to work hard to contaminate your iPod with it: 1,,) You have to have iPod (Who doesn’t? Even I have one =) ) 2) Flush its own firmware and flash it to Linux (Whew… What a strange idea…) 3) Finally, catch the virus. the piece of code does not do anything wrong, only issues some text, yet it proves possibility of viruses even on this platform, proved by Kaspersky. … Continue reading Virus for iPod