Blog wrap-up

It seems like I haven’t write any wrap-ups for my blog for at least a year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to wrap into it. Now, as I returned to the blogging, I just do the thing for the year LCDS: Create your own curriculum The easiest way so far to create a good looking redistributable, or publishable course from your materials. %systemroot%\System32 secrets: defrag the continuation of the series. Defragmentation lost its fancy GUI, so why use it? Network trace without NetMon, WireShark, etc… Network trace without NetMon, wireShark, etc… Part 2 Two parts of the article which tells you … Continue reading Blog wrap-up

The Blog Wrap-Up for May 2011

This April was way too busy for me, so there was less messages in my blog and they were not very great, I guess. Still, here is a wrap-up: %SystemRoot%\system32 secrets: cipher To encrypt or to delete, that is the question %SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: compact & convert Old worthless friends are still around Freebies: books and other learning stuff Free stuff for learning something new TextAnalysisTool.NET A great tool for analyzing logs and other text information Do you mind creating a Domain Controller from your W7 box? I still don’t get it: why? =) Platforma: goodbye Some local news, seems like … Continue reading The Blog Wrap-Up for May 2011

The Blog Wrap-up For April 2011

Press a button–get the result Think before you pressed OK in gpedit. Or buy a piece of software which thinks for you. MVP–check! Yeah, again. Migrate scheduled tasks from 2003 to 2008 Easy way to move scheduled tasks from one host to other. %SystemRoot%\system32 secrets: Choice The utility of choice, sometimes. Myths #1: Number of previous logons to cache Popular mistakes, issue One Check your certificate status visually Another utility to use if you have many web sites with SSL certificates. BITS Transfer PowerShell cmdlets BITSAdmin is dead? Almost.

The Blog Wrap-Up for March 2011

%System%\System32 secrets: change Change money, change your life? No, just change the way your terminal server behaves Some new cool betas MS issued several absolutely awesome betas – join the programs and influence the products on their early stages Delegate permissions for creating GPO objects in other domain You cannot delegate this permission easily, let’s do it “hard way” which is not particularly hard, actually Too many smart-cards inserted. Good thing: no need to throw them away Do you see the message? Problem solved! %SystemRoot%\System32 Secrets: certreq Systemroot continues to reveal its secrets %SystemRoot%\System32 secrets: BITSAdmin Download files even after … Continue reading The Blog Wrap-Up for March 2011

The Blog Wrap-Up for February 2011

Manage your Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server from XP You’ve upgraded your servers to 2008 R2 but your admins’ workstations are still on XP? You can’t manage your DNS server then until you make some changes. The case of jammed permissions You change permissions on an AD object but the permissions get back. Look at the article. Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 released + MBAM News, just news. BTW, SP1 is available to download and install. %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: AzMan The series continue. This time we manage authorization with AzMan console. Do you miss your … Continue reading The Blog Wrap-Up for February 2011

Blog wrap-up for January 2011

Malware: how comes we are infected? The most successful malware requires user interaction to be installed. How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2 How to create your own GUI for changing an attribute for an AD object. %SystemRoot%System32 secrets Do you know what is in your system32 folder? Ohhh… There are treasures =,,) Creating self-signed certificate for code-signing You need a certificate for your own use and don’t want to pay? Do it yourself! Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version My very first C# application. Quite buggy in some respects but it WORKS! =) MS Guru writes a … Continue reading Blog wrap-up for January 2011

Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

As I mentioned some time ago, a guy named Simon May created a small tool which allows you to create a blog post with all your recent blog posts inside. It is cool and really saves me some time. However, I decided to: 1) adapt it more for my needs 2) write at last my first app since… Hell, I haven’t been writing anything but scripts for 15 years already =) So, a guy with more than one blog and programming knowledge on the BASIC (not even VB!) “Hello World” level closes his eyes, downloads Visual C# 2010 Express and … Continue reading Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone! In this last post I wish you Happy New Year! I also wish you to be healthy and fit: Have fun: and no bad news: And just in case you care to reread something from this month’s blog posts, here is the wrap up: IPv6: hopes, disappointments… IPv6 is great. But Are we really ready yet? Freebies: some more free eBooks Yeah, those free books are great, but I need another 24 hours per day to read them. IPD Guide: Beta for malware response Plan, implement, win. No malware is good news, but be prepared… Just in case… … Continue reading The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

Blog wrap-up for October-November 2010

This month as you probably know I was quite busy with Platforma, so there is my very short wrap-up for two months. I hope the following month will be more full of content. Delegating authority over a DNS zone How to grant someone right to edit a particular DNS zone without giving out too much. Freebies: book about virtualization Book news. Download and read. Free. Platforma 2011 Announcing the future event. Now it is over, I’m back =,,) Old good command line #5 Continuation of the series: some tricks about running several commands within one line and depending on the … Continue reading Blog wrap-up for October-November 2010

Blog wrap-up for September 2010

Last record to first: Vulnerability in VMWare Workstation installer. Not a 0-day anymore. The report of my first reported vulnerability Old good command line #2… The CLI nostalgic series continues (Driverquery, fc, find) Old good command line… The CLI nostalgic series continues (clip, color, comp) IE 9 Beta starts Yeah. MS issued MS Chrome Utilities: cmdkey The start of CLI Series. Nostalgia begins here Certification News MS CTA and discounts for MS Partners’ employees x64 attacks, part II Viruses go x64. Beware! Kaspersky Lab has implemented UC Call me if you want, I’m on my phone if I’m online