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Welcome to my ITPro blog!

Happy New Year and welcome to my ITPro blog on the Microsoft MVPs site.

I’m trying to start off the new year right by sharing my thoughts and opinions on what we face in the industry as IT Pros. Allow me to explain why I have decided to do this.

The way that we support our networks needs to change quickly. The level of knowledge we need to effectively provide that support seems to be expanding geometrically. Legal and industry compliance requirements are, in part, driving that change and penalizing us when we fail to comply. Dependence on IT for business continuity requires planning and design skills that we may not possess. The time we must invest in keeping up with all this causes us to narrow our scope of specialization or sacrifice the depth of understanding needed to make the correct decisions. Trying to communicate these issues to our customers, clients and employers can seem impossible when their exposure to technology is the consumerization of IT, unaware of the background complexity that allows the appearance of seamless interoperability.

That is until they cannot get their email on their phone. Until the WiFi gets hacked. Until the inventory data is lost. Until the customers’ identity is stolen. Until the ISP threatens disconnection because the network has become part of a botnet. Until the subpoenas are served…

Because until it happens to them, bad things only happen to other organizations, other companies and other people.

And then the powers that be come to us with questions regarding why the problem could not have been prevented, what can be done about the issue now and why they were not made aware of the potential issues in the past.

Then there are the daily frustrations of:
The 7 year old workstations that “we cannot afford to replace” that take 10 times longer to service than a new PC, all because your time is viewed as having no value.
The old software that hasn’t been supported by the publisher in years or was written in house with no documentation by a developer that retired 5 years ago.
That “new” version of software that still doesn’t support UNC paths, long file names, roaming profiles or still requires Admin privileges to run.
The C-Level Exec that cannot understand why we have to buy a software license for everyone or why those pesky password restrictions need to apply to them.

Need I go on?

Well I’ll be posting information on the Good and sometimes great things that I run into out there to help us along in our efforts. I’ll also be commenting on the Bad and downright Ugly encounters that I have along the way so that you can hopefully either mitigate the issues or avoid the problems altogether.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please pass them along and I will see what I can do!

Thank you

Ed Gallagher

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