Check out the Number of Sessions and Speakers for NextWeeks SOLD OUT SharePoint Conference 2011 Anaheim Convention CenterCalifornia

“Searching for Sarah” – Why Booz & Co. chose FAST Search 200 “We’re Going two-way Baby!” How Vancity Took its Intranet From Static to Social 200 36 Terabytes: How Microsoft IT Manages SharePoint in the Enterprise 200 A Closer Look at SQL and SharePoint: Tips and tricks from the field 300 Access & Office 365: […]

Orange County Microsoft Mobsters Fall Meetup!

Meetup Reminder Orange County Microsoft Mobsters Orange County Microsoft Mobsters Fall Meetup! will happen on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 When: Where: RSVP: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:30 PM Workbridge Associates 4675 MacArthur Court, suite 960 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Yes No Who’s going: 6 .NET Ninjas & SQL Sleuths See all Please join us on […]

Windows 8 Installation

There are 9 Clicks and it takes about thirty minutes on an old single processor with 4gb of ram 1. Splash   2. Install now             3. EULA   4. Type of Installation 5. Installation Location   6. Installing 7. Preparing   8. License Terms           […]

Windows 8 Task Manager

When you first open Task Manager you may think  where is the detail.. Just click on More Details and you get guess what more details   I also like how it highlights for the Processes and memory consumption of your Apps and Processes that are consuming the most resources.. More on Windows 8 Soon   […]

The 2012 MVP Global Summit Announcement

I know everyone has been waiting for this.  So I am pleased to announce plans for the upcoming 2012 MVP Global Summit which will be held in Bellevue and the Microsoft campus from February 28 – March 2, 2012. This is my favorite event of the year it’s a chance to hang out with all […]