Do NOT Install the April 2012 SharePoint CU, an update or re-release is underway

REPOST of Joelo based on info from Todd Klindt and Facebook Do NOT Install the April 2012 SharePoint CU, an update or re-release is underway. It surprised me a little bit when I was browsing facebook and I happened onto the update in the SharePoint Updates FB group, and saw a post that said. Do […]

My Sessions for SoCalCodeCamp San Diego, June 23 – 24 2012

I hope to see everyone for some more Rock N Roll in San Diego. If you have the time on your schedule stop in for a couple of my sessions. these are 3 of my Favorites     · Creating Business Intelligence SharePoint 2010, SQL2012 & Windows 8 This session will cover topics such as […]

A Few SPField Types

I have included a list of SPField Types below that I use and hopefully help others. My apologies as I don’t remember the locations to cite in gathering this information its been sitting in an excel spreadsheet and my terribly efficient use of metadata on a FileShare of only SharePoint stuff with 261,666 documents. The […]


  I  LUV The Offspring and Pennywise a couple of my favorite local bands. Its been a few years since I’ve seen Garbage but will definitely be a blast… I hope to see all the local California folks there.. If you have never been to the WEENIE ROAST (you don’t live in SoCal) its been […]

My Upcoming Speaking Schedule

  #SPSOrlando Creating Business Intelligence SharePoint 2010 & SQL2012 & Windows 8 please join us for this Business Intelligence session on the SharePoint and Office set of BI features to build and integrate data-driven spreadsheets and applications with SharePoint 2010. This session will cover topics such as SharePoint 2010, with Windows 8, and SQL2012 […]