SharePoint Saturday Redmond 2012 Session Schedule

I have included a copy of the session Schedule below… I look forward to seeing everyone and don’t miss my session on Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013   -Ivan Technorati Tags: SharePoint Saturday,SPSRED,Redmond

ineta Community Champion Award Letter of Commendation 2012

I have been honored this year with with the ineta Community Champion Award. ineta is an awesome organization who I first became involved with Birds of a feather during teched 2007.   Thank you ineta for your community involvement at so many of the events I attend and thank you for this award Hopefully I […]

Office 365 & Lync Server Events/Webcasts September 2012

FYI…As you can tell.. The UK team puts this content together but it is not UK specific September 2012 Lync Server Events/Webcasts Effective Conferencing with Microsoft Lync: Transitioning from Office Live Meeting An introduction to Microsoft Lync for users making the move from Office Live Meeting. This 60 minute virtual, instructor-led session introduces the new […]

Wow I won the Annual INETA 2012 Q2 Champion Award

How cool is INETA… The INETA Community Champion Award is an annual award given to those who give to the developer community. It is awarded on a quarterly basis and lasts for twelve months. Members record their numerous contributions to the community. At the end of each quarter the top contributors will be selected to […]

The really cool thing about this latest….

The really cool thing about this latest OS release from Microsoft isn’t how cool the Windows OS is by itself though I admit it’s a lot faster and easier to use. It’s the power of the seamless integration and co-existence with the Server products.. But it doesn’t stop there. The Microsoft product line (Applications, Servers, […]

I’m presenting at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas–November 12-15, 2012

We received the Official announcement on Thursday that Norm Warren and I will be presenting on:  Practical Deployment Aspects of Business Intelligence Please join Ivan Sanders and Norm Warren as they walk you through the best practices on the Design, Development and Deployment of Business Intelligence Objects with with SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2013 on […]