PASS Business Analytics Conference 2013 – Return on Investment

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SharePoint 2013 Databases Documented on Codeplex

A client requested recently that I document each of the SharePoint 2013 Databases and Compare them to the SharePoint 2010 Databases. I used ApexSQL Doc 2012 to document the databases and ApexSQL Diff 2012 to compare the differences . Apex is great I think its the only tool that is works with SQL 2012 at […]

PASS Business Analytics Conference – Quick Facts

Key Dates Pre-Conference April 10 Welcome Reception April 10 (evening) Day 1 Keynote: Microsoft April 11 Appreciation Event April 11 Day 2 Keynote: Steven Levitt April 12 General Sessions April 11-12 Highlights § 60 + technical sessions presented by Microsoft and Community Speakers § Steven Levitt Keynote – Bestselling co-Author of Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics […]

Internet SharePoint & IIS News – Issue Resolution, Betas, & Lab Content

I have included below a few links on content on topics ranging from troubleshooting Claims Based Authentication to the new Application Router Beta and test labs available for download. All content is in line with learning more about SharePoint and the under lying technology and architecture that support your SharePoint environments. Enabling modern SharePoint experiences […]

SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Automation of Demo Builds Part 4 – Visio Graphics Services

Prior to discussing the Visio Graphics Demo Builds I would like to say that it was a privilege to work with Mariano Teixeira Neto, Stacia Misner, Ken Brown, and especially Norm Warren who I owe the most gratitude for taking a non-author under his wing and somehow bringing me through the process. If you haven’t […]

Windows Server 2012 New Features – Data Deduplication

This is another post based on migrating the functions of a few of my Servers to Windows Server 2012. Another favorite features even better than DHCP Failover is Data De-Duplication. Data deduplication optimizes the file data on the volume by performing the following steps: 1. Segment the data in each file into small variable-sized chunks. […]

Window Server 2012 New Features – DHCP failover

While replacing my 2 Domain Controllers today I also took the opportunity to clean up DHCP and DNS and DHCP which led me to one of my favorite new features in Windows server 2012 DHCP Failover. My only question is was there any reason beyond the lawsuits over giving away free software to end users […]