Converting Windows Server 2012 Evaluation to a FULL Licensed Version

I came across a client the other day who had began implementing a new domain about 6 months ago with with 4 Hosts Windows Server 2012 Data Center Edition 2 XEON PROCS, with 12 Cores 24 Threads, 256GB RAM, along with 32TB Sata3 6GB Drives Internally RAID5, and 2 Internal Disks 1TB RAID0. However, they […]

Microsoft Twelve Days of DEALS, Don’t MISS OUT!!!

    Hours, events, and more   Happy Holidays -Ivan   Technorati Tags: Microsoft,12 Days of Deals

My SharePoint Letter to Santa

View Programme NOW Copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved. I thought this was so cute I had to re-post I hope no one minds…. Oh, can you tell I finally have a few minutes to myself, lol….     Happy Holidays,   -Ivan Technorati Tags: European SharePoint Conference 2014

Acceleratio SharePoint Documentation Toolkit 3.3

Upgrade to new and improved version! We have released updated Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint version 3.3 which brings a lot of new stuff: Manually perform Data Retention in case your database reaches critical size. Improved performance of permissions load when working with large AD groups. Best Practices now support Foxit PDF iFilter. NEW product in […]

Telerik’s Svetozar Georgiev 2013: A Truly Special Year

Svetozar Georgiev CEO The Telerik team rarely looks back. We instead focus ourselves on delivering exciting innovations for the future, which we truthfully find more interesting. However, 2013 has been a truly special year. It is by far the most evolutionary and transformational in Telerik’s history. Besides the traditional roll out of new products like […]

Using Yammer & SharePoint Intranets to Drive Employee Engagement

Using Yammer & SharePoint Intranets to Drive Employee Engagement  WEBINAR: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – 1:00-2:00PM CT Microsoft has gone social in a big way with Yammer – but are you ready for it? A successful social solution must give end users the foundational tools needed to effectively collaborate with coworkers, clients and partners while […]