Office 2013/2016 Client Integration Fails when using FBA with SharePoint Server 2016

If you find that once you have configured FBA with SharePoint 2016 that you are unable to do the following with Office 2013 / 2016 Issues Open Office Documents directly from Libraries Export to Excel Open with Explorer Open a site with SharePoint Designer However, if Office 2010 is installed you will be able to […]

SharePoint Saturday returns to Southern California April 8th 2017

SharePoint Saturday returns to Southern California Pass it on to your colleagues and keep that calendar fresh. We have room for 18 more people!April 8th 2017 will mark the return of SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles. SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 Technologies will […]

Have you heard? Chrome Makes SharePoint Look Insecure OR Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint

It goes something like this… Chrome Says “No” to SharePoint Yesterday, I noticed that Chrome started to flag any access to SharePoint Online sites, including those for Delve and OneDrive for Business, as insecure (Figure 1). This is obviously a problem, so I reported the issue to Microsoft. I also raised the issue on Twitter […]

Using TLS 1.2 Windows Server 2008 R2 & 2012 R2, SQL and SharePoint

Everyone uses a certificate when requiring authentication on an internet facing site. However it’s surprising how many folks don’t take the time to understand SSL/TLS. Securing SSL/TLS protocols is a pretty common thing to do on any Windows Server running IIS and web applications that uses HTTPS, especially if they require some sort of compliance. […]

RMS SP2 Administration Toolkit – Download

It’s amazing sometimes when you attempt to download a tool from Microsoft and its no longer available for download and a lot of the documentation still available has links that do not work for the download. The following is a list of tools and their commands that are included in the toolkit. This is mostly […]

SQL Query: Set All DBs to the Simple Recovery Model–DEV

  The Attached Query The really cool part about this query is how easy it is to modify. The first section declares the variables, in this case there are 3. The second section, sets the action for each of he declared variables The last section loops through each DB using the PROC sp_MSforeachdb and runs […]

SQL Query: Set All Dbs AutoGrowth

Recommendations The following are recommendations to proactively manage the growth of data and log files: When possible, increase all data files and log files to their expected final size, or periodically increase these at set periods, for example, every month or every six months, or before rollout of a new storage-intensive site such as during […]

SQL Query: Move TempDb Files to separate LUNs

  Tempdb Multiple Files One of the important issues when hosting multiple Content Dbs with multiple terabytes data is to ensure that you have created a TempDB with additional files of the same size and once created move teach of the files to their own Volume. Do NOT use ISCSI for SQL Dbs In this […]

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – Los Angeles January 26–27 2016

Build your cloud skills in Los Angeles Join us for a free two-day technical training event for IT professionals and developers that provides best practices and insight directly from the experts who build and run the cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10 and more. Whether you know your way around the cloud […]

PowerShell: Run IISReset on All Servers in your farm at the same time

  IIS-Reset.ps1 One of the many things scripts are good for in general  is making repetitive tasks easier and the results more consistent. PowerShell takes it to another level with its intuitive cmdlets . I find it much easier run a script from my laptop or log into a single server rather than using MSTSC […]

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