Call to Action: Windows 10 Client FEATURE REQUEST: Please Add De-Duplication Feature

This is something that IT Pros and Devs should readily understand. However, it can save all users time and money..

As an example: I run Windows Server 2012 R2 on my Laptop  where I have 2 1tb SSD drives (they are a lot cheaper now) so I can natively run SharePoint instead of having to use several VMs. When I have Windows Server 2012 R2 Installed I use De-Duplication and it enables me to save 436GB of disk space by keeping a single version of the file on the data drive while creating pointers to the file in every location where a duplicate exists. If you do a lot of SharePoint development you end up with a lot of Hives so that you can easily start up a replica of your clients environment. Since I can only have two hard drives on my laptop and I am swapping out the DVD player to so. De-Duplication is a life saver, it allows me to store twice the amount of data as the disk would normally hold. if I then install a Desktop OS on my laptop I have to move my second drive to a server and copy the files off as they have been deduplicated and I would have been unable to open them on using the Windows 10 Client ,


The Server community has enjoyed DeDuplication since Windows Server 2012 in an Operating System but all SANs of all manufactures have this feature build in (too bad they don’t fit in your laptop bag). This is a hard drive  storage technology that should be made available in every OS not just  Server OSs. The really stupid part is that we can copy the features from the Windows Server OS and enable them on Windows 8, 8.1, and now 10. However, I really like to keep my systems as pristine as possible which is difficult enough when developing software..


If your running Windows 10 like me your probably running build 10130,  then complete the following steps to ask Microsoft to include this feature in Windows 10 Client OS


1. Open Search or hit  the Windows key and type  feedback, then click on Windows feedback to Open the feedback app

2. Click on Files, Folders, and Online Storage. and type in dedup into the search bar

3. You will find 5/6 of people requesting de-duplication to be added to the Windows !0 Client OS, please Click UpVote at the bottom of each request



It is NOT a LUXURY to have De-Duplication on Windows 10 Client OS is a necessity as we can only fit 2 drives in as laptop and when you run multiple VMs to help people learn  software development skills. I cant really imagine why it would not be added to the Windows 10 Client OS.



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